Older information lasts longer with archive tape solutions

By Michael
July 16, 2014

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the safety and security of information on backup tape solutions. Thanks to the IRS, some wonder whether tape carries the durability necessary to last the length of time that modern archive requirements demand, while others are concerned that companies just don’t know how to maintain their resources correctly.

The latter of these two conditions is the bigger culprit in archive data management issues. As BankTech stated, magnetic tape provides the kind of longevity and durability needed to help essential files last decades within enterprise storage facilities. Unlike other kinds of storage media, these devices also provide the depth and volume of asset management required of current businesses without incurring as much of a cost in comparison.

As the source noted, it’s the energy expense at times that can be the death of more modern storage assets like disk, flash or cloud. Forbes added that magnetic tape archive solutions can be set aside in climate-controlled libraries for years at a time, providing gigabytes of vital information safe harbor at less than pennies a piece.

When firms need to hold on to a lot of files for a great period of time without necessarily needing to access them, it’s best to rely on a service that provides static maintenance without wearing out or falling apart. B&L’s Archived Data Manager assists with the cultivation of these systems, ensuring that information is properly cataloged and and controlled.

What’s more, Archived Data Manager makes certain that all expiration dates and managed and extraction of essential tapes is as rapid as possible. This agentless tape software provides a centralized presence that makes it simple for personnel to interact with systems when needed, providing a positive support structure and reduced costs in storing essential files for years at a time.

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