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New Storage Models Remain Contentious

By Michael
April 16, 2015

There seems to be a new player in backup loss prevention nearly every day in the current industry. From the cloud to hard drives to data tapes, it can be hard for businesses to know what their best options are, and that’s before they contend with some of the latest in the marketplace. It can be simple to adopt these practices, but they too can be fallible.

The latest is mobile device management along with backups, ComputerWeekly reported. In the UK, that has been the model that 73 percent of the market has cited for their future savings when it comes to these products. At the same time, mobile devices can contain any number of information and aren’t fully trustable with information, so how can this format help businesses better protect themselves and their data?

The answer is that they might not be the most viable option. Data protection and mobile device management are somewhat separate from one another. Mobile data is often seen as a separate market from traditional data protection, with different features and benefits in its adoption. Which is problematic, considering that nearly 40 percent of company enterprise software is going to be on these devices by 2017, the news source found, citing a Gartner report.

While smart appliances and the cloud may be viable options for data storage considerations, eWeek noted, they too can be fallible and problematic for too many companies. It’s a better option to keep multiple programs available if the need arises, as this can protect them from further issues over time.

One such backup management system can come from the extensive catalog of B&L Associates. Their platforms allow for organizations to better achieve various important features while allowing them to retain optimal security and easy access to storage.

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