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New Law to Encourage Proper E-Waste Disposal

By Michael
December 31, 2014

Taking out the garbage might seem like a simple task, but when it comes to electronic devices, hard drives and other IT asset disposition, there are a few more steps involved. Many people don’t realize that data must be completely wiped before it can be safely disposed of, but the danger of neglecting this step is that the wrong people might come across that information and use it to their own ends. Fortunately, there are measures individuals and companies can take to be sure that they destroy their e-trash in the correct way.

New York to enact E-Waste Law
Starting in January, anyone throwing away an electronic device in the state of New York must do so at any one of the state’s numerous transfer stations, according to the Post Star. If someone is caught tossing a cell phone or computer in a standard garbage can, the fine is $100. The measure might not stop some people, but it will at least raise awareness about the importance of proper IT asset disposition.

“We get machines that come in that have been shot with a shotgun, or somebody opens the case, and they’ll hit it with a hammer,” John Reilly of Northeast Electronics Recycler told the Post Star. “There’s a misunderstanding that all of the boards are where information is contained, as opposed to inside the hard drive.”

For companies and people seeking to get rid of old electronics in New York, the new law should provide better guidance.

AssetAware tracks end-to-end chain of custody
For companies who need to get rid of old hard drives or backup tapes, AssetAware from B&L Associates offers a solution. This backup tape management system lets a company track its IT assets from their conception to their destruction. That way, managers can be positive that an asset has been completely erased and destroyed without any uncertainty.

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