Monitoring backup tape management for security enhancements

By Michael
August 12, 2014

The presence of complex infrastructure is pretty much a given in today’s modern enterprise landscape. The kinds of and size of backup tape management at play in businesses relies heavily on what kinds of infrastructure and resources companies are already using and the ones they want to acquire. The thing is, as these systems becomes more extensive, it’s also getting harder to keep track of all of these assets.

Backup tape management makes it easy to organize the theoretical thoughts and concepts of corporations, taking the important information from the forays expressed by enterprise organizations and copying the essential assets into a backup capacity. Still, there are critical elements of corporate operations that are lacking due to the complexity of modern infrastructure.

The issue here, as TechTarget stated, is that it’s hard to police such a diverse landscape. The biggest issues here with following the flow of information remains the task of securing and protecting all of these assets.

The source noted that there’s an increasing in-flow of information, such as high-availability clustering, software-defined input and traditional document transit that make it hard to keep all of these assets in order. At the same time, the always-on nature of cloud and digital infrastructure means that companies have to be maintaining reserves of data on a rolling basis.

Without backup tape management solutions like B&L’s Vertices, it’s possible that corporate operations could be lost to the tide of big data and cloud infrastructure. It’s important that organizations stay up to date on what their information storage is doing, how these tools are being maintained and what businesses need to own in order to remain compliant and disaster-ready. By utilizing a single-pane information infrastructure, it’s much easier to track, monitor and maintain enterprise backups and protect essential assets.

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