Modern data management requires backup tape storage

By Michael
October 9, 2014

There’s no such thing anymore as basic information management, as complexity of infrastructure continues to grow. Businesses need to make use of diverse services while also having a strong backup tape storage base on which to rely.

According to Tech Target, these kinds of initiatives are being propelled by the fact that there’s really no such thing as uniformity in systems management. Companies are free to choose whatever services they want to use, including cloud computing, bring-your-own-device mobile solutions or virtualization tools for everyday operations.

That makes it increasingly difficult to maintain safe backups and disaster recovery solutions, as Tech Target wrote. The more complex enterprise infrastructure becomes, the more firms must have solid backup tape management solutions in place to act as a static frame of reference for operations. Such tape tools help avoid the formation of stranded data, pieces of information lost in the fray of conversion from one digital system to another.

Backup tape management solutions assist with capturing content in all corporate infrastructure as it’s formed, transferred and updated. If data is lost in the fray, there’s always the potential with disaster recovery in tape management software to retrieve older versions of the same file and build from there. In these cases, at least companies can avoid losing compliance and continuity altogether.

Using B&L’s Vertices software provides a centralized point of controlling and reviewing information. This simplifies the process of restoring content, as well as removing the risk of human error getting in the way of maintaining complete records. In even the most complex systems, Vertices can also help eliminate issues with missing or stranded data. Through rapid identification and retrieval of essential content, it’s easy to cut out problems with expanding operations and diversifying business operations.

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