Linking Backup and Archive

Linking backup tape with archive eliminates external needs

By Michael
October 30, 2014

Businesses need to be on the lookout for the tools that can help them succeed while also exceeding previous performance limitations. For backup tape management and archive solutions, that means coming up with a way of combining these tools into a far more singular presence. Combining such powerful assets can help corporations ensure that their solutions are compliant and fluid enough to meet enterprise needs.

Moving faster
As Tech Target stated, it’s not just a matter of deciding to make such a move, it’s determining whether combining backup tape management with archive data solutions is practical. Sometimes it’s not an option due to the way that businesses function, while others have found that the cost of these systems isn’t all it’s made out to be.

In other words, if there’s no clear benefit to merging systems, why spend the time and money doing it?

Tech Target further explained that there can be benefits to this system. Increasing data management and system oversight is easy to do when major backup and archive systems are linked. Even more, there’s better way to manipulate information, generate analytics and create return on investment for such infrastructure.

Returning options
Yet this very same issue of financial savings is what’s driven many companies to seek out cloud computing environments. These organizations fail to see the flexibility and affordability of cloud resources, creating more risk and liability in the long run than savings or peace of mind.

What’s more, considering the flexibility of tape and comparing it to the fragility of cloud, it’s becoming clear that there’s better liability and compliance options in solid state solutions. According to Enterprise Storage Forum, this revelation has come with the dawn of LTFS storage.

Basically, by combining in-house hardware and syncing things with tape data management software, it’s easy to create a fluid and risk-free environment. The thing is, organizations need to be careful that they’re deploying services and solutions in ways that assist with increasing speed, as this is often the one space where companies get mired and start thinking about the cloud. As the source noted, linear tape systems can help improve overall storage methods. By implementing the right software for easy provisioning and file recovery, the link between backup and archive systems can grow even stronger. This saves firms time and money over the long run.

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