IT Managers Concerned with Data Loss

By Michael
February 12, 2015

In the world of IT, data loss is the chief concern, according to Iron Mountain. The data management firm assembled five steps to data security, reported Computer Weekly. There are a number of ways managers can achieve data security and backup is among the most important. In fact, each of the five steps can be addressed with an adequate tape backup management software platform.

The 5 steps of data security
Iron Mountain outlined its five keys for data protection as a part of Data Protection Day – January 28 – but the advice is timeless. Each of these steps can be achieved through tape management software.

  1. Learn where your data lives: A backup tape software platform helps managers track every single tape even as it moves into different facilities.
  2. Implement a need-to-know policy: Only employees with the right clearance and ID will be able to access the software, limiting the possibility for human error.
  3. Beef up your network security: The best software programs come with strong security, making it difficult for hackers to infiltrate the network.
  4. Monitor and inform your data’s life cycle: Software can help managers determine a data destruction policy and track when assets are ready to be disposed of.
  5. Educate everyone: Data tape management software is intuitive enough that a number of employees can access and implement it.

B&L Associates offers the kind of software that IT managers can use to adhere to these five steps. VaultLedger and Vertices provide protection against security breaches, audit compliance, hard drive destruction validation and a number of other benefits. Organizations interested in locking down their data security program should consider programs like these. When that happens, they won’t need a Data Protection Day in order to bring a focus to their IT asset security.

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