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IT Growth Requires Better Storage

By Michael
February 19, 2015

Data assets are piling up at an ever increasing rate and companies are asking themselves, where do we put all of this data? How do we effectively back up our assets? Is there a solution that is stable and reliable, yet also scalable and flexible? The short answer is, yes – the same one that has backed up countless data archives for years.

Backup tapes are still the best choice as insurance against unforeseen events that would threaten a company’s digital assets. A data tape management program with the power to manage a growing cadre of tapes across several offsite facilities is still the most effective way to guard against data loss and downtime.

Software platforms the key to a world full of data
Data tapes alone are not enough to provide an organization with the necessary backup support. Analyst firm IDC forecasts that the world will contain 40 zettabytes by 2020 – 50 times more than 2010 levels, reported Forbes. Such a massive amount of data requires a platform to not only accommodate it, but provide easy access, transfer and implementation.

But not only do companies need a place to store their data, they also have increasing expectations in terms of mobility and access. Not only do organizations want their cake – they want to eat it, too. Demanding better performance even as data increases may seem a tall order, but software platforms do have the capability to take these increasing needs into account.

The need for speed
According to Wired, speed is also of great importance to organizations. These groups must be able to access stored information as quickly as possible in order to avoid downtime – the cardinal sin of the IT world. Additionally, data management doesn’t start and end with storage and retrieval. It encompasses moving, processing, destruction and every other aspect of the data lifecycle.

Software must be able to address each of those needs, all while providing real time access and responsiveness. That means a new sort of architecture is necessary – one that is not centered around people with infrastructure roles, but around the software and those closest to the data. This new software-focused approach is growing in favor among companies everywhere, which are investing in platforms that answer their every tape and vault management need.

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