IT Asset Disposition

Improving archive value with IT asset disposition tools

By Michael
October 22, 2014

The need for data in the modern corporate environment is an increasingly complex one. Sometimes companies need access to information at all times, and other content can be stored dormant for years at a time. In some instances, the demand for data recall is high, while in others, it’s mandatory to destroy documents. By understanding the state of IT asset disposition, corporations can increase their governance and valuation of their information resources.

Assessing the situation
The first step, as CMS Wire stated, is to figure out how businesses want to determine the value of their assets. This requires understanding both the cost to maintain, as well as to obtain, said content, on top of knowing what it would require to replace or restore it. Coming up with tools that support the best possible use of content can boost the value of maintenance, while other resources help with expiring and destroying information for compliance.

Overall, it comes down to how businesses control their content, the source explained. Keeping files safe and accessible at the same time is a rare feat, yet it’s one that’s central to the ongoing upkeep of IT asset disposition. Companies can’t afford to mistreat, mishandle or misappropriate content, or else they may encounter extreme problems with continuity.

The IRS has had ongoing issues with its archive management and IT asset disposition. After a committee investigation found thousands of important emails had been deleted from a former executive’s computer, but as the Daily Caller stated, this problem is spreading through government channels. Now the Environmental Protection Agency also claims to have lost text messages sent between the former and current chief of the group.

Addressing issues
Without putting a proper system in place to value these records, it’s possible for documents to be continually lost in this way.¬†Improving backup and archiving in modern information landscapes is a challenge, but it’s one that’s central to compliance standards. Without the ability to prove due process, accountability and accuracy are a huge issue.

Using B&L’s Archived Data Manager can help companies get around these issues. The software assists with setting reminders on expiration dates and provides documentation proving proper disposal took place. What’s more, firms can easily cut costs and boost response times through easy lookup tools and centralized control of all backup catalogs.

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