How modern backup tape management cures catalog confusion

By Michael
July 1, 2014

The present data storage and management landscape is one that’s overloaded with files, confused by sharing systems, replete with state and federal regulations and choked with confusion. Companies need to invest in tools that help them manage their backup tape storage and cultivate better archive solutions, but they also need to understand how and why these resources are effective. Learning more about cataloging, archiving and information oversight can be a critical asset in today’s big data atmosphere.

Formatting focus
According to Network World, there’s more of a challenge today than ever before in terms of creating an ordered system in the backup tape management landscape. The biggest hindrances to safe and secure solutions are the kinds of data companies have to deal with in the first place – sensitive files and increasing kinds of documents demand specified oversight.

Taking control of a diverse data landscape requires that corporations have access to backup tape management tools and archive tape solutions that allow for fast cataloging and easy retrieval. As the source noted, legacy tape systems help provide a unique format for storage that ensures security and long-term stasis of sensitive insights. That means it’s easy to rely on these kinds of static solutions for housing files and providing remote, on-site or virtualized risk management.

Ordered chaos
Creating more cataloging is a means of adding more order to the confusion and chaos of ever-expanding backup tape management and data oversight tools, Network World added.

Switching to secure backup tape management tools helps ensure that cataloging processes are being handled on a regular basis. With routine backups, it’s easy to ensure all information is stored in a compliant and accurate fashion. This in turn reduces database confusion and provides a more ordered set of information with which companies can function.

Seeking solutions
B&L’s Vertices helps firms create a means of rapid oversight and review of backup tape management. This software provides a centralized tracking option for handling individual usage and audit requests, as well as a broader accounting process for ensuring all assets are where they should be and are properly stored.

This backup tape management software also provides companies with peace of mind financially and security-wise. With Vertices, it’s easy to cut costs on day-to-day operations, as well as ensuring a fluid recovery or audit process. With this kind of solution onboard, it’s easy for enterprise tape storage to reduce confusion and provide a solid backbone for corporate functions.

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