How fostering better backup improves tape management

By Michael
August 14, 2014

The world of information management is growing increasingly diverse and complex as new assets and outlets enter the enterprise landscape. Chief among these new deployments is cloud computing, along with virtualized servers, mobile deployments and dedicated applications meant to monitor and mediate all of these tools.

Yet critical among these assets remains the ability to store information for compliance and disaster recovery. For that, many companies are still turning to solid state assets for the security and governance of documentation. Specifically, backup tape management remains a critical factor in protecting and cultivating enterprise operations.

TechTarget agreed with this assessment, stating that the reliance on tape solutions is on the rise. At the same time, there’s a growing demand for better services and more reliable practices in terms of keeping backup tapes up to date with current operations.

With that in mind, the source stressed that it’s necessary to abandon a simplistic approach to the general creation of corporate content and backup tape management. Maintaining a usable backup requires keeping copies of critical information, diversifying media types and generating both in-house and remote backup opportunities.

Backup tape management makes these steps particularly easy, as this hardware can easily be created and stored in the business environment at a low-cost rate. At the same time, these tapes can also be duplicated and sent to a secure off-site location for enhanced backup protection and continuity assurance.

Using B&L’s tape management solutions helps corporations ensure that these processes are being executed efficiently and securely. That way, companies can maintain governance and transparency while also asserting usage of backups in case of disaster. The end result is a far more secure and controllable infrastructure than if organizations were partnering completely with third-party vendors and cloud computing providers.

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