How backup tape management is still protecting cloud computing

By Michael
July 21, 2014

People want to use the cloud – it seems trendy and has a lot of promise in terms of increasing enterprise information. However, they also don’t usually understand what the technology they’re investing in actually does. Backup tape storage can be the bridge between cloud computing and enterprise disaster.

Cloud Tweaks wrote that cloud is not the panacea many companies think it will be when they choose this service. It’s not as easy as deciding to have a cloud option – it requires that the firm selecting these assets has a strong Internet connection, good bandwidth, totally integrated in-house solutions and the ability to safeguard against any online down-time.

One of the biggest issues as well is the need to give up control of enterprise information. Businesses that choose cloud computing often select an online host that serves as a third-party storage asset. This may help diversify data storage, but it also means that another entity has the ability to manipulate sensitive corporate documents.

There are even greater issues that companies can encounter with the cloud though that show backup tape management needs to be a priority – namely, the human aspect. Network World pointed out how scandals are starting to run rampant in Hollywood because private people don’t realize their mobile and computer assets are backing up directly to the cloud. The end result is that information that never should have been shared becomes the property of a third party, or worse yet, the general public.

It’s better to use a staggered approach to cloud computing, relying on in-house or remote backup tape management. B&L’s Vertices ensures the human factor is removed through automation and ease of tape tracking provides ease of backups. Combining this software with a cloud deployment could help companies own their assets and avoid major mistakes in data oversight.

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