How backup tape management impacts corporate continuity

By Michael
August 21, 2014

The increasing presence of backup tape and digital systems are providing a competing landscape for corporate assets wherein management and oversight of information are being paralleled in different environments. The issue with this system, as The VAR Guy stated, is that it’s necessary to increase the presence of solid-state assets the more companies get invested in tools and resources they don’t really own.

So what’s the best option for backup tape management? That depends on what companies do, what kind and amount of data they have, what their enterprise operations need to accomplish. Basically, these assets are particular to the specifications of each firm that tries to apply these resources.

As the source noted, there are particular problems that corporations need to overcome in order to create the most proactive and productive business environments. Much of this relies on the demand for software and virtualization appliances, as these are the tools directly responsible for implementing and maintaining the infrastructure behind business operations.

The source noted that these assets allows firms to generate better provisioning, faster customization and superior engineering, thereby allowing for smoother integration of business solutions. Computerworld stated that there’s a growing demand even on the governmental side toward better front-end architecture and long-term storage, yet backup tape management remains a critical element in these environments.

Creating a positive information environment requires that corporations have access to the best kinds of tools for security, continuity and recovery. New versions of tape management and better oversight tools like B&L’s Vertices help increase the oversight extended by these assets, thereby improving the positivity and usability of corporate assets. As ComputerWorld stated, this kind of development could help improve overall tape management and increase the usability of competitive tape management products for B&L’s Vertices solutions.

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