How archive tape management helps save enterprise information

By Michael
August 13, 2014

As the landscape of enterprise information continues to grow, there’s a pressing need for firms to make safe their legacy systems and files. Without these assets lying in a reliable infrastructure tool like archive tape management, it’s possible to encounter all manner of compliance and audit problems.

So what’s the solution if companies need to control big data, mobile devices and cloud communications in an ever-evolving environment that is constantly piling more problems and information on what’s already present? It comes down to implementing the best and most reliable assets that also provide affordability and ease of use. In short, archive tape management is the key.

More information
NewsWeek stated that there’s a growing need for more and better archive options, as the world’s information loads keep mounting and growing in complexity. At the same time, security remains of critical importance, with online threats and insider issues continuing to rain losses down on unprepared corporate systems.

What firms need are tools like B&L’s Vertices, which keeps track of data movement and increases the accuracy of backups. This makes it a perfect jumping-off point for implementing more thorough and secure archive resources as well.

The source noted that the volume of information that big businesses have to deal with has already hit a point that’s crippling in some regards. Major organizations have relied upon physical print and basic online presences for years, but this content is incredibly difficult for firms to classify and quantify. Information is already disappearing at an astonishing rate, with only about 20 percent of original content lasting for more than a year.

Real-time oversight
With so much data lost every year, backup tape management and archive options remain guardians against critical corporate compliance failures. Network Computing wrote that one of the best ways to harness the power of these tools is by acting quickly to implement real-time storage today and keep future information running through the same services so as to ease the burden of incoming files.

Archiving assets in a way that’s easy to verify and consistently monitored makes for much more reliable infrastructure management, as the source noted. This is of critical importance to the accountability and security of enterprise information systems. It ensures rapid availability of backup and archive solutions, thereby increasing compliance and making it easy for businesses to recover from any kind of disruption and disturbance.

B&L’s Vertices provide a single-pane experience that enhances the availability and accountability of tape storage solutions. By using such a rapid and automated tape management system, risk control and data oversight is much easier to execute.

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