Reliable Backup Plan

Every company needs a reliable backup plan

By Michael
December 11, 2014

When it comes to data loss, the best path to recovery runs through a good backup plan. Companies’ IT departments are constantly at risk of succumbing to a breach – in this day and age, it seems as though hackers are always one step ahead. In the unfortunate event of such an occurrence, it’s no guarantee that the data will ever reappear. Additionally, federal audits require companies to hold data backups for years at a time. That’s why it’s important for businesses to set up a reliable backup tape management program to comply with audits and be the insurance for a breach.

Data restoration is the backbone of backup 
During times of disaster recovery, a backup system’s ability to quickly, accurately and comprehensively restore data is paramount, according to Design World Online. Still, many companies are not content with their data backup solutions. In the 2013 Rand Secure Archive Data Governance Survey, 98 percent of respondents said they had a backup solution but only 25 percent were extremely satisfied with their solution.

Downtime is deadly for any company. It can impact revenue, productivity and compliance. Backup tapes can mitigate the amount of time wasted in the event of data loss by quickly and effectively restoring data. With the right backup tape management system, the restoration process can be expedited.

Choosing the right backup plan
If most companies have a backup plan, how are so many still dissatisfied with their solution? Not all of them practice the same data management as it relates to backup – some methods are more effective than others. What’s most important is having a compliant, regulatory system in place that can take the legwork out of maintaining a number of backup tapes across different times and locations.

According to MSPmentor, there are a few questions companies should consider when considering a backup plan:

  • Will the backups always work properly?
  • How will backup and recovery software work if hardware goes offline?
  • Are the data backups systems secure?

The best solution has web-based functionality that allows the user to access the program from any computer with Internet access. These systems will offer two-tiered access control with role-specific security clearance. With automated processes, easy-to-create audit reports and reliable disaster recovery functions, the best backup tape management programs offer the kind of solutions companies need in modern times.

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