Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention is Key, Requires Frequent Attention

By Michael
March 10, 2015

Data loss prevention might be a more important topic today than it ever has been before in the IT industry. Backing up files, increasing the viability of storage and finding more efficient backup strategies are all more popular options in today’s marketplace and are continually considered throughout the industry. New calls for action in the industry shine the light on these issues even more.

Data protection is still a difficult prospect for many people to completely understand, Tech Radar Pro reported. With the complicated nature of the issue and the time it can take, it might seem like an inefficient practice and that companies might be more interested in alternative options. However, improving data loss can be made simple with standard options like data tapes. Implementing regular improvements to modern procedures is just as, if not more, important among companies today.

The news source said that many businesses that don’t take data protection seriously are putting themselves at risk, although they may not notice the immediate effects. This is said to be similar to skipping a doctor’s appointment – until the serious problems arise, it’s just not thought about. However, a data backup can play the same role as an examination – it can both find serious issues and protect the patient, in this instance the customer, from suffering grave consequences.

Longer storage is better
The problem with data storage in many instances is that it’s fallible due to the effects of technology, The Boston Globe found. Hard drives can fail, DVDs can break and the cloud can go down at any time. Multiple backups are a good solution to this issue, as is finding the most viable option on the market for long-term data storage. Having several locations where data is stored is a great idea as long as access to those locations is somewhat limited. Otherwise, it’s possible for the wrong people to gain access to the information itself.

Data tapes are one of the best solutions when considering these options. Online backup can go down or be compromised, while most physical media can be fallible through damage or similar issues. However, tapes can be used to store information with plenty of peace of mind. With the right software protections and the correct housing, it’s easy for them to be held for extended periods of time with no concerns of loss or breaches.

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