Creating disaster recovery requires ability to look back

By Michael
November 6, 2014

There are more emergencies and disasters every year than any one company can count, yet each of these instances can create major continuity problems for one or even thousands of organizations. In order to be prepared for these situations, it's necessary for firms to look backward at previous issues in order to stay ahead of emerging situations or crises that have yet to occur.

Finextra showed that Nasdaq is in the midst of such a preparation, generating a new disaster recovery situation in Chicago to offset its New York City location. In the wake of previous major storms and hurricanes, there's a need for the firm to be able to establish continuity in any environment. At the same time, as data breach and theft issues continue to rise, it's equally necessary to be prepared for these scenarios.

The source highlighted that Nasdaq's Midwest option will also help increase data management between west coast traders and its current east coast operations. The new Point of Presence server situation will ensure a strong data storage and recovery presence, as well as one dedicated to improving the flow of data.

This implementation reflects a growing rise among companies looking to improve their recovery capabilities, as Tech Target noted. Backup tape can prove a major factor in the success of these operations, allowing for remote containment of essential files in a form that can be recalled even when networks are offline.

Tech Target called this process continuous data protection, consisting of ongoing backup monitoring and regular recovery partitioning. Combining these two techniques ensures regular maintenance of both tools, thereby boosting compliance and disaster responsiveness capabilities. In order to make the most of backup tape solution, it's necessary to set aside the right cartridges and restoration protocols to ensure that these partitions are accurate and ready in the event of any kind of disaster.

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