Centralize Your Control

By Michael
June 3, 2008

There has been a lot of consolidation in the financial markets in the last year. JP Morgan Chase acquired the troubled bank Bear Sterns and now they are being called a likely suitor to Wachovia Mutual.

These events highlight the importance of new functionality we’ve brought to our tape management system, Vertices. Mergers and acquisitions bring together a myriad of backup systems that all need to be managed. The task of individually managing each system can be overwhelming. Luckily, Vertices has developed automation agents that work with all the top backup systems, and now even with Symantec’s Veritas NetBackup Vault.

But doesn’t NetBackup Vault do the same thing as Vertices?

Well, yes and no.

NetBackup Vault does help manage your backup media.  But if you have several instances of Vault running on different servers, you need to manage each instance. Not to mention if you have NetBackup Vault running on one and EMC’s Legato NetWorker on another and BakBone’s NetVault on yet another. Each has to be managed separately.

Vertices works with all these applications and consolidates all that backup information into one easy-to-use system. This allows organizations to continue running separate backup systems, but centralize, manage and control all the information (retention schedules, tape movements, etc.) within Vertices.

Read our press release about Vertices’ new automation agent for Symantec’s Veritas NetBackup Vault here.

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