Big Data Storage

Big data demands encourage more tape adoption

By Michael
November 17, 2014

The need for big data analytics in the enterprise world is pushing companies to consider just how far they’ll go to make sure they get every file and any insight possible. As the value of these resources continues to climb, so too does the interest in backup tape storage for long-term management and business intelligence also grow.

That’s coming from a recent Accenture study, which showed the mounting presence of the Internet of Things, coupled with the competitive nature of companies vying for analytics experiences is likely to boost the industry to $500 billion in value by 2020. At the same time, more than 80 percent of organizations agreed that big data had the ability to totally change individual industries during that time table. A similar scale of corporations claimed analytics to be among their top three priorities for information management in the coming years.

For backup tape storage providers, that means even more attention to large-scale deployments is likely on the way. As Defense Systems stated, there’s a growing interest in optical backup tape management and disk drive systems, tools that allow for easy scaling and enterprise flexibility.

While the sheer size of new tapes may be daunting to some, the ability to easily navigate these tools is within reach. Even IBM’s newest 10TB drive can be controlled easily with the right backup tape management software. With faster hardware, smarter software and the ability to tier devices into more efficient infrastructure, the need for tape in the big data environment is clear.

B&L’s Vertices is ideal for helping firms track tapes and manage huge volumes of information. It’s an ideal option for organizations looking to balance compliance and continuity with analytics and business intelligence.

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