Being the best still brings backup tape management bragging rights

By Michael
June 26, 2014

These days, there’s more talk about hybrid systems, cloud computing, mobile deployment, hypervisor storage and digital infrastructure than most IT personnel can shake a stick at. On top of the complexities these kinds of diverse systems inflict on the companies that choose to try and tackle implementation, there’s also the bevy of risk management strategies that need to be deployed in order to cover APP and zero-day threats, data breaches, internal misuse and all the other dangers associated with biting off more data storage than a company can chew.

Finding balance
So where’s the happy middle ground in all this chaos and consternation? It largely lies in the hands of the good old reliable backup tape management tactics and techniques that a lot of organizations have been using for years. While getting involved in a new technology can help improve flexibility and employee engagement, it’s important that leaders are still providing the type of reliability, continuity and compliance that a corporations requires in order to really deliver on its security promises.

Extreme Tech named magnetic tape storage one of the best and most reliable types of information media of all time. Not only does its static state and tape tracking software help make it easy to recover, refresh and observe internal operations, but as the source stated, firms are still rolling out new and more advanced tape solutions. Just recently, a 185TB single-cassette design was announced, making for even better capacity and control opportunities.

Managing liability
On top of sheer storage volume, there’s also the matter of saving money and time. These critical aspects of technology infrastructure management and flow are easiest to manage by implementing backup tape storage solutions, as Tech Radar reported.

Tape tracking and backup management solutions can help reduce overall expenses associated with in-house hardware cooling and powering liabilities. What’s more, it allows for better data center usage by limiting consumption during downtime and reducing demand in periods where fewer users or actions are required of the system.

By implementing near-line solutions that facilitate rapid backup tape management, it’s easy for firms to reduce the amount of power needed to store vast quantities of information. Using B&L’s Vertices can help corporations ensure that they always have adequate oversight of their systems and are properly implementing retrieval, tracking and management operations while making best use of enterprise options.

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