Be ready for disaster with backup tape management tools

By Michael
October 6, 2014

The presence of environmental and digital factors leading to data breach has created a landscape rife with risks and threats to modern database and infrastructure control. Backup tape management tools can help offset any disasters that might arise from these situations, thereby reducing impacts and ensuring ease of continuity.

At the same time, businesses need to be careful to balance their reliance on certain technologies in order to create optimal conditions in compliance and usability. According to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark study, global preparedness is well below expected levels. Roughly 75 percent of all firms fail regular recovery tests, while the cost of these issues continues to rise. Among roughly one-third of corporations, their major apps and support structures are likely to collapse in a catastrophe, casting doubt on the total continuity capabilities of these organizations.

Creating a disaster recovery plan needs to include backup tape management solutions, as these tools are able to withstand online attacks and create redundancy through operations that generate even greater depths of continuity. Of the companies participating in the Benchmarking study, only about one in three actually participates in active review of their enterprise operations in this capacity.

For that, it’s best to invest in flexible solutions that can handle an ever-changing environment of secondary software. B&L’s Vertices is ideal for these kinds of challenges, as its interface allows for single-pane online use, as well as centralized report tracking and data management for proper control in the future. There’s even the ability to account for information as it moves from one state to the next, making disaster recovery far easier and simpler. These attributes are particularly important, especially in a framework where continuity is demanded rather than desired.

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