Backup tape remains major operational necessity

By Michael
July 11, 2014

The presence of backup tape management provides organizations with a solid base upon which to plan their future endeavors, be they striving for more digitalization or simply looking for superior data oversight. With many companies trying to push for the cloud and mobile services, keeping assets backed up in a physical capacity ensures that these resources will always be protected.

According to CIOL, tape solutions remain stalwart options for those seeking peace of mind and cost efficiency. While some tools like cloud and disk may provide faster services, they fail to provide the durability that’s present among tape data centers.

Consider just the price, CIOL pointed out – for 5 PB of storage over a decade, companies save roughly 80 percent as compared to other kinds of information control. While these numbers may seem large, it’s increasingly common for big data to create such massive volumes of information, and with modern compliance and continuity standards on the rise, holding onto these documents could turn into a lifetime-long process.

Still, combining various kinds of infrastructure remains an appealing options for organizations that want their backup and their flexibility, too. As Network Computing added, there’s much to be gained by using both backup tape management and other kinds of popular information systems so that companies can get the best of every kind of service.

Diversity in the enterprise data management atmosphere also is beneficial for protecting these assets, the source noted. In terms of backup appliances, there’s virtualization and hybridization options in abundance. Many of these focus on blocking outside attacks and increasing the amount of transparency within a system.

Adding a solution like B&L’s Vertices can help keep these tools in line. Combining ease of tracking and single-console monitoring, Vertices provides an ideal asset for reducing risks, boosting agility and providing optimal return on investment for tape and hybrid assets.

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