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Backup Tape Management Vital in Light of Growing Problems

By Michael
March 20, 2015

Backup tape management remains an important quality for any business to keep in mind. Without it, in the event of data loss, there’s no simple way to recover what could be vitally important information. Ensuring certain strategies are kept in check when looking at data storage can better ensure long-term production quality.

When changing backup platforms, it’s important for users to keep in mind the extensive policies they need to keep in check, Data Center Knowledge reported. When many companies¬†make the shift between services, they often don’t consider the importance of legacy systems, assuming the new technology won’t be fallible.

In many cases, however, this is a problem that can’t be easily fixed. If a cloud system goes down or an issue arises in a databank, accessing information in the short-term can be nigh-impossible. This can lead to plenty of frustration and limit the abilities of workers for hours, if not days, and cause headaches for months after. The news source recommends keeping data on file using tape systems. Whether all data remains protected, specific file types are focused upon or the data itself is selected carefully, all three strategies can cause many fewer problems down the line as long as they secure the files well.

Can cause major problems
In the event of data loss, the problems can pile up quickly, according to The Telegraph. Recently, Apple’s prominent App Store and iTunes servers went down for hours due to issues with stored data. This was estimated to cause losses of more than $4 million for the company per hour – thbare outage lasted for at least 10 hours, which represents tens of millions.

B&L Associates offers a number of platforms throughout the IT world that can better allow for backup tape management and tracking. Its systems can utilize barcode scanning for better tracking of data and auditing, if necessary.

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