Backup tape management stands guard against cloud failures

By Michael
October 14, 2014

In the event that companies lose contact with their cloud providers or the system should simply go down, many would be lost without their backup tape management solutions. For those firms that ride high on the cloud without considering or preparing for this disaster, it’s possible that they could be in for serious continuity crises.

According to ZDNet, users of the online cloud sharing solution Dropbox could be in just such a situation. The source reported that a glitch with the software wherein it would delete files if a machine was shut down or rebooted while in that mode. For some users, that could mean many essential documents are pretty much gone for good. Furthermore, as ZDNet noted, this isn’t the first time that Dropbox potentially caused security and continuity harm to its customers.

While the source reported that Dropbox is trying to restore the data to user accounts, those without backup tape management solutions to capture content and keep it safe may never see those files again. What’s more, in the intervening time it takes for the cloud storage service to restore or give up on the process, businesses lacking tape tracking could simply be left in limbo.

That’s why it’s so important to plan for an outage with backup tape solutions and virtualization options, as Enterprise Storage Forum stated. The source warned that in some cases, cloud providers don’t crash or suffer errors – they simply go out of business. Though less common of an event, it proves the point that businesses should be ready to respond to any kind of data crisis at all times. Whether it’s the loss of a vendor, an outage or accidental deletion, backup tape management is critical to maintaining in-house continuity.

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