Backup tape makes data protection easier than ever

By Michael
July 12, 2013

Creating secure data resources requires that organizations have the ability to store, manipulate and govern all of their assets. In instances where companies use a variety of hardware and software to manage their daily operations, there are a multitude of chances for businesses to accidentally incur a loss or experience a system breach. When it becomes apparent that a problem has occurred, it’s often too late for organizations to do anything about it. Taking adequate steps to secure corporate information from the start requires constant vigilance at every junction of backup tape management.

Creating continuity and usability protection
IT Pro Portal wrote that it’s essential for businesses to strike a balance between flexibility and security. A solution that’s too rigid will deter employees and encourage dangerous, rogue deployments. Tools that are too lax, on the other hand, invite security breaches through their ineffectual protection measures. By enabling powerful encryptions and creating better approaches to ongoing safety measures, firms stand a better chance of encountering threats as they occur and deterring others from ever impacting the business.

The source stated that it’s important to focus on how data moves and what companies need to do to secure it. Using backup tape management helps foster an environment where information is constantly being stored, archived and curated so there is never a chance of a loss or system failure. At the same time, companies need to be aware that personnel are integrating their own mobile devices into corporate workspaces whether they’re invited to or not, so taking a strong hand in file governance could require enacting stricter protocols on business applications to maintain control over their sensitive assets.

Selecting better usage options
Using B&L’s Vertices software lets companies enjoy this kind of flexibility without being worried about breaches in corporate security. Vertices lets users interact with their tape resources online through a web-based portal that can accommodate individual corporate user styles. It promotes tiered security access and as-needed infrastructure insight, letting different users gain access without seeing resources to which they don’t require access. This promotes layers of security that make it impossible for a hacker to gain access to the entire infrastructure by breaking into just one user account.

Vertices is the ideal solution for organizations looking to increase governance and promote transparency at every level of the organization. This software makes it easy to keep track of all corporate tape management assets no matter where they reside, as well as grant businesses the ability to manipulate remote assets and enhance continuity efforts.

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