Add new tech while protecting asset disposition

By Michael
November 19, 2013

The variety of backup tape management, information control and data compliance that firms have to match every time they perform an update can be staggering. State and federal guidelines are always on the rise, with new hoops and red tape to clear whenever there is a change in overall system configuration. The easiest way to get around these concerns, some firms feel, is to avoid the process altogether, but this can result in even more substantial problems.

As Data Knowledge Center wrote, the best practice is to keep a solid list of destruction dates and use a backup and hardware refresh event to ensure that things are running as planned. While most tape management and information monitoring solutions run independently of IT personnel interference, it is best-practice to run regular checks of these systems so as to reassure corporate partners and the business itself that files are being properly curated.

Overcoming data center issues
The article detailed that the sheer size to which some corporate servers has grown makes the process of human auditing almost impossible on a regular basis, thereby making software tools essential for maintaining compliance. Even these business resources will need to be updated on a regular basis, improving server security and adding more physical storage space to improve network protections, and in doing so a company could easily overstep its bounds or misplace a document with a time-sensitive destruction event.

In such instances, it’s vital that a company has the assets in place to tag, track and destroy these files in a timely and compliant fashion. Data Center Knowledge stated that it’s the responsibility of the owning organization to verify that all applicable data is properly wiped from a business server when mandated by state and federal laws, and misplacing such a resource is no excuse for compliance failure. The source added that it might be wise to even go so far as to assigning the matter of destruction responsibility to a single person or team of individuals, thereby ensuring that the task of asset disposition is thoroughly and properly observed.

B&L’s AssetAware is a vital part of the continuity and compliance process. This software sets up automatic destruction events and creates certificates that firms can use in the future to prove that information was correctly and completely eliminated. Such peace of mind helps businesses continue to grow without fear of future eDiscovery or government compliance fallout.

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