A Simple Fix to Improve Performance Problems of Your Storage System

By Michael
December 8, 2010

Every administrator knows that their data is ballooning and storage demands are growing. That’s because not only are more files being created on their systems every day, but many of those files are larger, too. In addition to contributing to data bloat, those larger files have another detrimental effect on the performance of a storage system: fragmentation.

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  1. I agree on real time defragmentation being the need of the day. I have an automatic defragger on my home pc and have found it much more convenient to let it run in the background than run the defrag manually or schedule a task which may not go through. At our work place, the IT guys have got a commercial defragger that has reduced their job of defragging the servers significantly. Nowadays when pcs are being used round the clock and there is no such thing as ‘free’ time, its ideal to get a program that can run unobtrusively along with other operations.

  2. Jwed, I agree (obviously) the trick is finding a program that runs in the background but that doesn’t affect performance. And as I said, defragging isn’t the savior of storage but it’s one of those small, easy fixes that can help performance.

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