3 major problems solved with better backup tape asset management

By Michael
October 14, 2014

The business world has been using backup tape and storage solutions for decades. During that time, many IT trends have come and gone, but the one that remains constant and yet ever-changing is the concept of compliance.

In order for companies to establish and maintain continuity and compliance, there needs to be a system in place that’s durable and deep enough to handle the range of data a firm can encounter over decades of operations. It also needs to be able to network content from an expanding array of corporate services and environments. In the end, these organizations also must be able to timely and effectively eliminate content after a certain period of time.

Here’s how backup tape from B&L can help handle these issues and more:

Systems sprawl
It’s not uncommon for companies to look around their data environments and realize that they’ve gotten a bit bound up in the execution of file systems.  Tech Republic wrote that one of the larger concerns is that the intricacy of these solutions could make them hard to centralize.

Many companies may fall into the trap of thinking that once data is out of sight, such as in backup or archive, they no longer need to worry about it. Using AssetAware from B&L assists with keeping these resources well-ordered and accessible for audit or internal use.

Communication loss
Another substantial issue that Tech Republic pointed out is the fact that information can so easily get lost in the fray of operations. The complexity of IT infrastructure means that a lot of the time, individual teams are functioning in silos, giving themselves limited insight into how the rest of the business is functioning.

This can be troublesome for continuity and compliance issues, though. B&L’s AssetAware provides assistance with standardizing information movement and storage though in ways that can remedy internal siloing issues.

Compliance issues
One of the more common problems companies encounter is that their larger, more complex systems may not be handling the timely destruction and phasing out of hardware. B&L’s AssetAware can assist with this process, creating records of the entire chain of command from offline storage creation to validating disposal in a timely fashion.

All of these elements are necessary if organizations want to maintain compliance. By properly provisioning and implementing systems, it’s easy for companies to meet audit demands and safely handle their content as operations continue to grow.

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